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At any rate, if you really value your privacy, you should consider to delete WhatsApp chat history permanently. How do you make WhatsApp chat history unrecoverable, then?

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Their Phone

Well, luckily there are data erasers that allow you to find and permanently delete your private data before your privacy is compromised. Open it and connect your iPhone with a cable. Step 3: When scanning done, it will show up all the private data of your iPhone.

Restoring WhatsApp Chats

You can preview and select WhatsApp chat history. Keep in mind that the data will be recoverable with recovery tool, though:. Click on More button and then Delete Chat. Note that you cannot delete WhatsApp chat history in bulk. Anyone who is even a little bit technically savvy could easily recover your private conversations. If you exchanged any important information, they could even use sensitive information to steal your identity in a worst case scenario. There is no way to delete WhatsApp chat history both from your device and the recipient's device.

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The WhatsApp chat history are stored in its server. No one besides WhatsApp can access the files in the server. That's why we could not delete data from other side. It's a difression that only the Viber app allows you to delete your message from both ends. But don't worry, the WhatsApp chats are not stored in the server forever.

They will be deleted from server when time is out. It maybe several months.

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Check camera image, audio files, video files, wallpapers etc. However, the message is stored on your phone, and can be uncovered using WhatsApp's backup feature. The tool backs up all of your messages at 2am every morning, though this frequency can be extended to just weekly or monthly. To read a deleted message, uninstall WhatsApp and then install it again from your device's app store.

Simply select the restore option and your chats will be restored, including deleted messages, which are shown as if they were never removed. Even without using backup, a number of third party apps offer the chance to uncover wiped WhatsApp messages. But the apps do have their limitations: You have to have interacted with the notification to read it.

Can You Spy on Deleted Text Messages Free?

Also, restarting your phone can reset your notification register, wiping any chance of spying on deleted messages. Note that you should always be wary of giving your WhatsApp notifications to third party firms, as it carries a heavy security risk. For instance, you can sign up to the beta version of the app to get all of the latest features before the general public.

You can choose to include or exclude videos from the backup. The iCloud backup process can take a while to complete, depending on your internet connection and backup size. If you're concerned about your cellular data usage, we recommend that you limit your iCloud to only back up on Wi-Fi. If you're having problems backing up or restoring from iCloud, this is likely not an issue with WhatsApp but with the iCloud account.

If you need help with iCloud, please contact Apple Support.

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If you've previously backed up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes, you might be able to retrieve your WhatsApp chats by restoring your iPhone from a previous backup. For more information on backing up and restoring your iPhone, visit the Apple Support website. Learn how to restore messages on: Android Windows Phone. How can we help you?