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How Linkedin’s 'people we may know' feature is so accurate

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Buried in the questionnaire Evanina filled out for his Senate confirmation is a question asking whether he had any plans for a career after government. When I asked him about this, he admitted that this is becoming less common among intelligence officials his age. If a former intelligence officer lands a job at a prominent government contractor, such as Booz Allen Hamilton or DynCorp International, he or she can expect to be well compensated.

But others find themselves in less lucrative posts, or try to strike out on their own. Evanina told me that Chinese intelligence operatives pose online as Chinese professors, think-tank experts, or executives. They usually propose a trip to China as a business opportunity. And they get compromised. Once a target is in China, Chinese operatives might try to get the person to start passing over sensitive information in degrees. But by then the trap is set. And then they can blackmail you.

It was money. Money was also the lure in two similar cases, in which suspects were convicted of lesser charges than espionage.

LinkedIn is becoming China's go-to platform for recruiting foreign spies

Both apparently began their relationship with Chinese intelligence officers while still employed in sensitive U. In , Kun Shan Chun , a veteran FBI employee who had a top-secret security clearance, pleaded guilty to acting as an agent of China. In exchange, Claiborne provided copies of State Department documents and analysis, prosecutors said. Larry Chin, a CIA translator, was arrested in on charges of selling classified information to China over the course of three decades.

Whenever a current or former U. Two decades ago, Chinese intelligence officers were largely seen as relatively amateurish, even sloppy, a former U.


Usually, their English was poor. They were clumsy. They used predictable covers. Chinese military intelligence officers masquerading as civilians often failed to hide a military bearing and could come across as almost laughably uptight.

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Typically their main targets tended to be of Chinese descent. In recent years, however, Chinese intelligence officers have become more sophisticated—they can come across as suave, personable, even genteel. Their manners can be fluid. Their English is usually good. The Ministry of Public Security focuses on domestic intelligence, but also has agents abroad. They aggressively use Chinese travelers to the US, especially business representatives, academics, scientists, students, and tourists, to supplement their intelligence collection.

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US intelligence experts have been amazed at how voracious the Chinese have been in their collection activity. If veteran American spies are vulnerable to Chinese espionage, U.

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In some cases, targeting the private sector and targeting U. A former U. The former security official was hired by the company to monitor such threats, and initially found the lack of effective prevention measures and training at the company jarring. In a sense, going after American spies and government officials is fair game in the intelligence world.

The U. This means that the United States like China in reverse is constantly trying to learn what China is doing when it comes to military, economic, political, and cultural activities, since they may impinge upon U. These Chinese efforts are partly what have prompted U. Wilder, who still travels to the country as the director of an initiative for U. And they still see an American hand in events such as the protests in Hong Kong today.

And the answer is, yes they do. So for the Chinese, stealing, espionage, cyberespionage against American corporations for the good of the Chinese state, are just part and parcel of the need for survival against this very formidable enemy. China denies that it is spying against the U. When presented with the details of this story, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.

Fang also disparaged U. Guided by the zero-sum-game mentality and ill intentions to contain China, people and institutions in the U. Read: The Huawei drama is a gift to U. Some of the trade secrets China is accused of stealing seem simply aimed to help a specific company or industry. Often, however, the distinction between a Chinese company and the Chinese state is not clear-cut. Chinese law mandates that all corporations cooperate with the government on national security.

This was one concern U. Huawei has pleaded not guilty to attempted U. You could fight fair, right? The open business climate between America and China—the sort of climate that did not exist between America and the Soviet Union during the Cold War—makes addressing Chinese espionage trickier: China is both a rival and a top trade partner.

The economic and research relationship between the two countries benefits them both.